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Hi, We’re Coast Paddleboards!

We are located in Santa Cruz, CA, the real surf city on the California coast.  Year round we have almost every kind of conditions, big and small surf, fun flat water paddling, cruising with the dolphins and

other sea life.



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Some of the items for sale:

SUP Sport's One World All Around Stand UP Paddle Board 11'11" used once $900.00 retail over $2000.00

SUP Sport's One World All Around Stand UP Paddle Board 11'1" new $900.00 retail over $2000.00

Adventure Sport's sixty forty MX 9'4" used only two times $600.00 retail new approx $1000.00

14' VESL prone paddle board damaged but still works fine (click more ads by this user and check out my posting) $300.00

VESL 2019 11'6" All Arounder used but in good condition $500.00 retail $900.00

SUP leashes 10' coiled and straight $15.00 normally $30.00

SUP carbon fiber paddles adjustable $140.00 normally $200.00

SUP carbon fiber cut paddles (cut for your size) $200.00 normally $300.00

SUP & prone board bags $80.00 normally $170.00

Assortment of fins ranging from $15.00 to 30.00

You can check out the paddles, leashes and bags at

I have very limited stock on all these items first come first serve


Adventure Paddleboarding Sixty Forty - MX SUP $800.00

The Adventure Paddleboarding's Sixty Forty Stand Up Paddleboard is designed for 60% surf use and 40% flat water paddling. This dual-purpose hybrid SUP is a great option for the cross-training enthusiast who likes to transfer from the surf to flat water without missing a beat.

OUTLINE: The relatively full outline and generous width though the mid zone provides exceptional stability during flat water excursions. Plenty of curve along the rail line maximizes turning performance, and a pulled-in tail allows the board to pivot smoothly in the surf.

ROCKER: The rocker is designed primarily for the surf with a little extra lift in the nose and tail compared to the Adventure Paddleboarding Fifty Fifty, so it fits nicely with the curve of the wave and also makes turning easy. A relaxed section through the middle helps maintain flow and forward acceleration in flat water.

VOLUME: While most of the volume resides through the mid-section, the nose and tail have been foiled to enhance turning sensitivity. Soft, high volume rails provide exceptional stability and are very forgiving when pivoting off the tail.

FEATURES: Comfortable cavity handle for convenient transportation, soft deck traction with integrated arch bar and tail kick. Additional nose plugs for creating a forward storage zone, plus a bonus nose plug for mounting a GoPro.

PERFORMANCE: The subtle displacement hull reduces slapping in bumpier surf conditions, single concave through the middle maintains down-the-line speed, and double concave vee out the tail enhances rail-to-rail sensitivity. Representing great value for money in our Molded Epoxy (MX) construction, this cross-training SUP offers the perfect mix of fun and fitness.

Production weights: 9’4 – 10.2kg / 22.48lbs | 10’0 – 11.32kg / 24.95lb.

Size: 9’4'' 31 1/2'' 4 5/8'' 163 ltr

All Adventure Paddleboard SUPs use 16kg Density EPS foam

I'm selling this board as used but it has only been ridden a few times and it's in excellent condition

Comes with fins and a leash

Check it out on YouTube:

The Perfect All Arounder



The 'ONE WORLD' by SUP SPORT out of Santa Barbara is easily one of the best all around sups ever made.  War Dog the owner and designer of SUP SPORTS retired at the beginning of the year and I managed to grab the last One Worlds that will ever be made again. 

Sup Sports was the oldest Sup manufacturers of SUPs in North America creating some of the best SUPs ever made.

I have just a few left.  The models I have are special edition 'One Worlds' they are double carbon fiber with internal wood framing making them almost indestructible.  They have double concave bottoms allowing them to glide across the water with ease and to perform in the waves with agility double leash plugs and one way vent plugs .


They come with rail tape a set of fins and leash. 

Currently I have two 11'2"x 30.5" 200 liters and one 11'11"x 31" 225 liters

These boards listed from SUP SPORTS for over $2000.00.  I'm letting them go for only $1,100.00





Here at Coast Paddleboards, all of our products are made with you, the user, as the top priority.

Our boards, paddles, bags, leashes etc...are of the highest quality and come in a variety of options to ensure you’ll find what you need.

We invite you to take a look at some of the awesome items we stock in our store while here on our site. Our Stand Up Paddleoard Shop is proud to offer all of our customers the variety you deserve while doing your shopping. That’s why we’re happy to accommodate custom orders for any products that you don’t see on our regular inventory list.


we ride our Boards


~ Kimberly B. 

      Santa Cruz, CA

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